Taiko Lesson in fabrica braço de prata


Tawoo Taiko Dojo

Tawoo drums are slightly different from traditional Japanese drumming styles, with rhythms reminiscent of ancient times reaching deep into the heart.

In the classes, you will learn how to use your body for drumming and the rhythms of various songs.

Not just memorising and tracing the tunes, but also facing yourself, getting to know yourself and walking your own path as you deepen your expression and understanding of the tunes. That is the origin of the name Tawoo.

The songs usually consist of three or four parts, so beginners and experienced players can learn together.








※ About Tawoo’s songs:

Tawoo has over 15 songs, ranging from number 1 to 11, including Ran, Jambo, Wanoichi, and others. Each song consists of 3 to 4 parts, such as melody, rhythm, and nagado parts. This allows both beginners and experienced players to play the same songs together.

At Tawoo Portugal, we practice songs, vocal techniques, exercises on how to use the body while playing the songs, technical exercises like playing with fast rhythms, and expression exercises that take into account each individual’s body and personality characteristics.

If you have never held a taiko drumstick(bachi) before, we recommend the beginners class, but you are welcome to join the Tawoo song class.

Price: 15 euros each class

Payment is required to register. limited to 9 people per lesson

Please DM for the reservation!


Fábrica braço de prata

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